• Twin sets start at $114.
  • Full sets start at $134.
  • Queen sets with a thick plushtop start at $280.
  • King sets with a thick pillowtop start at $588.
  • Today's freshest sleep systems are available.
  • Memory foam and Cool Gel mattress sets.
  • Malouf Memory Dough pillows in stock.
  • All sizes of bed frames


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  • We believe that everyone deserves a great night of restorative sleep.
  • We believe that everyone deserves respect to make their own choice. 
  • ​We believe that everyone knows their budget and should have options.​
  • We believe that everyone has valuable insight into what they need.
  • We believe that everyone deserves to have their sleep needs solved.


We are a local, independent store at 10420 Kingston Pike  that has served the Knoxville area for over 6 years. Most of our 41 sets are under a $1,000. Most queen sets are under $800.  These are all brand new, first quality sets made locally by national companies. As you shop around for a new mattress, just stop by to see what we offer. 

Our warehouse is part of our store. This means you don't have to wait for your mattress. Take it with you when you purchase if that's what works best for you.  We keep all sizes in stock. The vast majority of our brand-new 30 model selection is factory wrapped in plastic and waiting to go home with you. Your family doesn't have to wait to be comfortable.

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